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Microsoft launches IoT Central to Simplify Internet of Things Management
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Microsoft launches IoT Central to Simplify Internet of Things Management

Says companies need services that help manage IoT devices and analyze data they generate

This week Microsoft's Sam George, the Partner Director for Microsoft Azure IoT announced on the companies Internet of Things (IoT) blog that the company is now offering a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to help companies manage their IoT efforts.

According to George, IoT is now a big part of many companies infrastructure and growing quickly. That means they need a service to help them not only manage the IoT devices they are starting to use but also the means to analyze the vast amounts of data they generate.

Microsoft IoT Central is built upon the companies proven cloud service Microsoft Azure and compliments their existing Azure IoT Suite to enhance the control and customization options of the services.

Right now the service is not available to the general public but you can sign up to get pre-release information and to be notified when access opens up.

In addition, if you are an IoT company looking to possibly partner with Microsoft in this area you can also make contact with them to open up that dialog.

Finally, here is an overview video of the upcoming service:

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