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Data Center Knowledge is the premier source of daily news and in-depth analysis for the data center industry. We serve hundreds of thousands of data center professionals, including C-level executives, business leaders, IT specialists, and facilities decision-makers. They rely on us to help them develop effective data center strategies, as well as design, build, and manage world-class data centers.

Data center professionals turn to us for trusted, up-to-the-minute news and expert insights on these highly specialized facilities. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage that helps our readers stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our team consists of experienced reporters, editors, analysts, and data center industry professionals who are passionate about covering the industry’s dynamic landscape. With a deep reservoir of knowledge and a commitment to excellence, our team delivers high-quality reporting and analysis that our readers can depend on.

Our Coverage

We cover a broad spectrum of topics to meet the diverse needs of data center professionals and stakeholders, including:

  • Advancements in power and cooling technologies

  • Innovations in processor and server architecture

  • Developments in networking and storage solutions

  • Trends in the colocation industry and data center company stocks

  • Insights into cloud computing and hyper-scale data centers

  • The latest in edge computing and infrastructure for machine learning

  • Progress in virtual and augmented reality technologies

At Data Center Knowledge, we are dedicated to being the go-to resource for all things data center, providing the information and insights needed to navigate and thrive in this critical industry.

Our Editors

  • Editor-In-Chief - Wendy Schuchart
    Wendy Schuchart has more than a decade of experience writing about the IT landscape and has another decade’s experience working in enterprise IT as a coder, business analyst and software developer. Before joining Data Center Knowledge she was the managing editor/executive editor at VentureBeat. Her work has been featured in many IT publications, including InformationWeek, Network Computing, Datacenter Dynamics, Green Data Center News, SDX Central and TechTarget. Follow her on Twitter @wendyschuchart

  • Senior Editor - James Walker
    James Walker has more than 16 years of experience writing for business and technology publications, with a focus on translating technical issues to make them more accessible and engaging. Before joining Data Center Knowledge, James was editor of The Daily Swig, an award-winning cyber security news website, and his work has been featured in The Times and BBC Online, among other publications. His first full-length book, HIT: Once Upon a Field, was published in 2023.

  • Senior Managing Editor - Brian Holak
    Brian Holak has more than 10 years of experience in the IT journalism realm, both as a reporter and an editor. Prior to joining ITPro Today, he was site editor for TechTarget's SearchBusinessAnalytics and SearchDataManagement. Along with BI, analytics and data management, Brian has covered a wide range of enterprise IT beats, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital transformation, innovation management and general IT strategy.

  • Senior Editor - Rick Dagley
    Rick Dagley covers IT operations and management, cloud computing, edge computing, software development and IT careers. Previously, he was a longtime editor at PCWeek/eWEEK, with stints at Computer Design and Telecommunications magazines before that.

  • Digital SEO Content & Copy Editor - Dylan Fisher
    Dylan Fisher supports Data Center Knowledge, ITPro Today, InformationWeek, and Network Computing. He's the author of "The Loneliest Band in France." He lives with his wife, Danielle, and their two adopted dogs, Rosie and Daisy, in Atlanta, GA.

  • Digital Editorial Program Manager - Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor supports Data Center Knowledge, InformationWeek, ITPro Today and Network Computing. He enables the successful delivery of sponsored content programs, secures speakers for the brands' many events, and assists in content strategy.

Our Contributors

  • Sam Adebayo is a Harvard-trained tech entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, tech writer/journalist, and an executive ghostwriter. He has 10+ years of experience covering various tech news stories, writing thought leadership blogs, reports, datasheets, and case studies. His areas of expertise include cybersecurity, AI, ML, DevOps, blockchain, metaverse, and big data for C-level executive audiences. He has written for several publications, including VentureBeat, Dark Reading, RSI Security, NWTechs, WATI Security, Draft.dev, and many more. He is also an award-winning poet, with works published in several journals around the world.

  • Rina Diane Caballar is a journalist and former software engineer based in Wellington, New Zealand. She covers tech and its intersections with science, society, and the environment. Rina's work has appeared in publications including the BBC, The Boston Globe and The Atlantic.

  • Sharon Fisher has worked in the computer trade press for more than 20 years, covering topics such as networking, storage, security, and the intersection of technology and public policy. She has worked on staff for Computerworld, Communications Week, and InfoWorld, and freelanced for publications such as Byte, Network World, InformationWeek, and PC Week, as well as clients such as the Economist Intelligence Unit, Cisco, and Oracle.

  • Steven Hill is an independent analyst, writer and speaker that has been covering new and emerging technologies in data center infrastructure for nearly twenty years. In the past he has served as a Senior Analyst at 451 Research covering Applied Infrastructure and Storage Technologies, prior to that as a Senior Analyst of Data Center Solutions at Current Analysis and as the Editor for Storage and Servers at Network Computing Magazine.

  • Andy Patrizio is a veteran technology journalist of 30 years, covering a wide range of subjects for publications such as Network World, Computerworld, InformationWeek, Ars Technica and Business Insider. He is based in Orange County, California.

  • Christopher Tozzi is a technology analyst with subject matter expertise in cloud computing, application development, open source software, virtualization, containers and more. He also lectures at a major university in the Albany, New York, area. His book, “For Fun and Profit: A History of the Free and Open Source Software Revolution,” was published by MIT Press.

  • Wylie Wong is a journalist and freelance writer specializing in technology, business and sports. He previously worked at CNET, Computerworld and CRN and loves covering and learning about the advances and ever-changing dynamics of the technology industry. On the sports front, Wylie is co-author of "Giants: Where Have You Gone," a where-are-they-now book on former San Francisco Giants. He previously launched and wrote a Giants blog for the San Jose Mercury News, and in recent years, has enjoyed writing about the intersection of technology and sports.

Contribute to Data Center Knowledge

If you’re an IT practitioner, we welcome article submissions from you about how to strategically assess and/or tactically deploy technologies within your organization, especially when the submission highlights the business benefits of specific processes or policies.

To be considered for publication, submissions must adhere to our editorial standards:

  • The content must be exclusive to Data Center Knowledge (cannot have been published elsewhere)

  • It cannot market a vendor’s products or services

  • It must be relevant to a topic we cover on Data Center Knowledge

  • It must be written for our core audience of data center professionals

If we do accept the content for publication, we typically edit for style, clarity, grammar and length (600 to 1,000 words is ideal) and send it back to you for review if substantial edits are made. We expect that you will fact-check your submission before sending it to us for review. Unfortunately, we can’t pay for unsolicited contributions.

If you’re interested in contributing under those guidelines, feel free to send your topic suggestions to [email protected].

AI Policy

Read our AI Policy to learn how we're maintaining editorial integrity amid the rise of generative AI.

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