Time Warner Pitches Direct Cloud Connectivity via Equinix Data Centers
Inside Equinix’s SV5 data center in San Jose, California (Photo: Equinix)

Time Warner Pitches Direct Cloud Connectivity via Equinix Data Centers

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides private links to cloud services by AWS, Azure, Rackspace, and others

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Time Warner Cable Business Class is offering connectivity to the Equinix Cloud Exchange, according to an announcement by the Time Warner Cable division this week.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange allows businesses to connect to several cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace.

TWCBC delivers Ethernet connectivity to the Equinix Cloud Exchange. With the cloud exchange, businesses have a private network to access their cloud and physical IT infrastructure from anywhere in the US. The connections to the exchange are available from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps speeds.

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“The demand for secure and high capacity connectivity to cloud providers continues to increase as businesses migrate to the cloud to take advantage of the cost, agility, and adaptability of cloud services,” Satya Parimi, GVP, Product Management, Time Warner Cable Business Services said in a statement. “TWCBC already offers secure and reliable Ethernet connectivity to our NaviSite cloud platform. With the announcement today, we can now meet connectivity requirements for customers who use another cloud service providers to meet their IT needs.”

“With Equinix Cloud Exchange, customers will have on-demand, direct access to multiple cloud providers, enabling them to select the cloud or clouds that best meet their needs. Working with TWCBC, we can offer enterprise customers reliable interconnection to multiple cloud service providers over a secure private connection,” said Jim Poole, Vice President of Service Provider Marketing, Equinix.

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