VMware Announces Project to Boost Microsoft 10
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Photo: Microsoft)

VMware Announces Project to Boost Microsoft 10

VMware's Project A2 should encourage increased adoption of Windows 10 by making application management easier for enterprises.

You'd never know there had ever been a speck of bad blood between VMware and Microsoft by the way two of the rivals' top dogs bantered during the second day of VMworld in San Francisco.

In fact, when VMware Executive VP Sanjay Poonen invited Microsoft Corporate VP of Windows Enterprise and Security Jim Alkove to join him on stage, it was the first time anyone from the Redmond, Wash.-based company had ever done so during the history of the conference, reported Business Line.

The reason behind the surprise invitation? Poonen announced Project A2, a new release that VMware says it believes will encourage businesses to upgrade to Windows 10 by giving them an easier way to roll it out and move all their apps from Windows 7 machines to new Windows 10 machines, according to our sister site Windows IT Pro.

Project A2 is a combination of VMware’s AirWatch device management service and its App Volumes application delivery technology. The new release provides support for deploying and managing both virtual as well as physical desktops.

VMware also believes that Windows 10 will be a hit with enterprises regardless, because it helps them move their apps off the device and to the cloud.

Microsoft recently expressed concern about the adoption of Windows 10 Enterprise. While a record-breaking 75 million upgrades or installations of Windows 10 took place during the first month of general availability, only 1.5 million were running the enterprise version.

The licensing of Windows 10 Enterprise represents a large portion of Microsoft’s bottom line so if Project A2 does indeed encourage increased adoption, it could be the start of a new friendlier era between the two companies under Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

To read the entire post, go to: http://windowsitpro.com/vmware/vmworld-2015-keynote-day-2-microsoft-and-vmware-team-windows-10-management-and-vmware-release.



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