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Big Data News: Zettaset, RapidMiner

Big Data News: Zettaset, RapidMiner

Zettaset adds secure HBase for a hardened Hadoop offering; predictive analytics provider RapidMiner launches a PaaS version of its RapidMiner Server solution

Zettaset announces secure HBase for a hardened Hadoop offering, and predictive analytics provider RapidMiner launches a new Platform-as-a-Service version of its RapidMiner Server solution.

Zettaset: The company added Secure HBase as the latest feature in its Zettaset Orchestrator secure management platform for Hadoop. Secure HBase addresses need for hardened Hadoop components that incorporate security, reliability and process automation enterprises expect from commercial software applications. Zettaset Orchestrator works in conjunction with branded open-source Hadoop distributions, providing security and administration functionality along with a web-based interface that automates and simplifies routine tasks.

RapidMiner: The predictive analytics provider's new version of RapidMiner Server solution is a fully managed service, hosted on Amazon Web Services, aimed to enable a greater range of organizations to leverage predictive analytics. The solution can schedule execution of resource-intensive processes, share models and integrate predictive analytics with other business applications. The RapidMiner team performs all installs, configurations, backups, maintenance, monitoring, tuning and updates.

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