Network News: Mellanox Launches Open Ethernet Initiative

Network News: Mellanox Launches Open Ethernet Initiative

Mellanox Technologies (MLNX) announced the "Generation of Open Ethernet" initiative, an alternative approach to traditional closed-code Ethernet switches. Plus networking sector news from Cisco and ADARA.

Here’s a roundup of some of some of this week’s headlines from the network industry:

Mellanox launches Open Ethernet initiative.  Mellanox Technologies (MLNX) announced the "Generation of Open Ethernet" initiative, an alternative approach to traditional closed-code Ethernet switches. Mellanox, a high-speed networking specialist, says the program provides customers with full flexibility and freedom to custom-design their data center in order to optimize utilization, efficiency and overall return on investment. With open source networking and SDN trends, Mellanox Open Ethernet is a framework to eliminate proprietary software and encourags the development of an ecosystem environment focused on building Ethernet switch software to move innovation forward. It is supported on Mellanox’s 10/20/40/56GbE switches, with forward compatibility to future Mellanox Ethernet solutions. “The current landscape of proprietary Ethernet switches limits the foundation of compute and storage clouds and Web 2.0 infrastructures. We are excited to facilitate change and to lead the new generation of Open Ethernet that will enable a more open and collaborative world,” said Eyal Waldman, president, CEO and chairman of the board of Mellanox Technologies. “Mellanox Open Ethernet allows users to gain control of their network and data center, and to achieve higher utilization, efficiency and return on investment, and will enable our customers to add differentiation and competitive advantages in their networking infrastructure. We have been seeing wide and strong support for this initiative from our partners and users, and expect to see a growing community around our initiative.”

ADARA introduces Meta Controller.  ADARA Networks announced the introduction of the Ecliptic Meta Controller, a layer 1-7 controller, designed to address existing gaps within the Software Defined Networking (SDN) space. The controller enables the implementation of SDN for both service providers and enterprises of all sizes. It can implement and manage supervisory programs such as SDN controllers, cloud software, hypervisors and network hypervisors. This alleviates the need for multiple management systems and communication delays. The Ecliptic Meta Controller is available as software only for a fully virtualized solution, or software on either purpose-built or third party COTS Appliances. "As bandwidth demand from the network continues to increase, theere is a pent up need to strengthen network communication and create a smarter network," said Eric Johnson, Chairman and CEO of ADARA Networks. "While SDN continues to gain steam, there are major gaps that exist in all common SDN approaches, architectures, products and capabilities. Through our work with our partners, ADARA has designed and engineered the Ecliptic Meta Controller to help address these gaps, which include the lack of a coordinated network and cloud computing orchestration and the absence of a responsive and robust operation in a production environment, among others."

Cisco selected by St. Andrews Hospital.  Cisco (CSCO) announced that St. Andrews Hospital in Australia has selected Cisco Medical-grade Network (MGN) to develop the foundation for its digital future. The Cisco MGN is designed to support any application and any device. It enables an agile, flexible and dynamic networking environment.  The hospital has also implemented Cisco IP voice to facilitate communication and collaboration between surgeons, healthcare workers and patients. With its partners KPMG and Data Mobility Voice, St. Andrews Hospital deployed the network including Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches in the core, distribution and edge to support IP telephony and digital theatre environments. “With rapidly changing trends in point-of-care health services, real-time consultations with specialists and e-health records, we need to ensure that our intelligent network platform can support these new technologies.  It had to be highly secure, resilient, robust, with high redundancy capabilities and able to meet the Hospital’s future business requirements,” said Peter Cooper, Director: Engineering & Support Services, St. Andrews Hospital.

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