Apigee Wrangles Oceans of App Data With API Tools

Apigee Wrangles Oceans of App Data With API Tools

API management firm Apigee has launched Apigee Insights, a big data analytics platform that lets organizations gain new business insights using "broad" data generated in the app economy.

API management firm Apigee has launched Apigee Insights, a big data analytics platform that lets organizations gain new business insights using "broad" data generated in the app economy. The data platform allows businesses to collect and analyze massive amounts of external data from APIs, apps, social, and mobile ecosystems, together with other data sources for context. This gives the business full visibility into customer, developer and partner behavior by integrating and analyzing all points of customer interaction, from both inside and outside the enterprise.

"In the app economy, where business is often conducted through mobile and social channels, organizations no longer own - much less control - all the data they need to make accurate business decisions," said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. "Every enterprise needs to rethink their data platform for this new world. Those that can capture, add context and analyze new broad data sources outside of the enterprise will succeed."

Apigee Insights is a highly distributed platform that combines online data sources with a customer's API programs with data from internal systems. It is designed for the big, continuously changing and less structured broad data and can serve as a stand-alone analytics solution or a complement to existing legacy data warehousing. It allows enterprises to gain insights through the entire app value chain or to focus specifically on the context of the app user, the app developer, or on information analytics.

"Apigee Insights takes API analytics to a completely new level," said Michele Turner, chief product officer at mBlox. "By combining data on our API usage with many other sources of data that enable broader usage context, we now have a much deeper understanding of what our developers need and how we can best optimize app development." mBlox uses Apigee Insights to build a developer adoption model that combines multiple data sources such as its API access logs, app and API traffic, GitHub data and Google analytics for its developer Web pages.

Big Data Growth

Apigee also announced that it is experiencing over 200 percent year-over-year growth as businesses increasingly expand their digital ecosystems into the app economy. The company serves many Fortune 500 or Global 500 customers and has enjoyed the growing demand from businesses to expand and innovate in the app economy.

"APIs are the nervous system of the app economy, and in the last year, we saw a significant uptick in businesses of all sizes delivering APIs to drive mobile strategies, create new revenue opportunities and spur innovation. In 2013, we look forward to aggressively broadening our API offerings to help customers drive ongoing business value from APIs and the apps built on them."

Major milestones for the company in 2012 included the launch of its API platform, a $20 million round of funding, the launch of mobile analytics, a version of its API platform for software-defined networking environments, a 90 percent employee headcount growth, and three strategic technology acquisitions. Palo Alto based Apigee opened offices in Austin and Detroit, as well as establishing a European Union headquarters in London.

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