Industry Perspectives: CoreLink, Intel

This week's guest columns featured techniques that will make the data center more cost efficient and greener and an examination of cloud policy and geopolitical considerations.

The Industry Perspectives channel at Data Center Knowledge highlights thought leadership in the data center arena, providing industry professionals with the opportunity to share their insight and expertise. Here’s a recap of this week’s Perspectives:

Green Benefits: Reduced Costs, Carbon Footprint - Data center service providers are not only delivering the facilities’ ability to deliver redundant and reliable critical power, cooling and network services, but also performing in ways that minimize environmental impact and carbon footprint, writes Loren Zweig of CoreLink Data Centers.

Cloud Policy: Where Ideals Meet Reality, Part 1 - Bob Deutsche of Intel explains how cloud technology—and, by default, any of our business systems and related data hosted in the cloud—must contend with policies and standards that are framed by location and related geopolitical considerations.

Industry Perspectives is a content channel at Data Center Knowledge highlighting thought leadership in the data center arena. See our guidelines and submission process for information on participating. View previously published Industry Perspectives in our Knowledge Library.

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