Roundup: IBM, Digital Realty, SGI, Juniper

IBM expands lease with Digital Realty Trust in Paris, SGI announces a new storage platform, Juniper selected by Capital Fund Management.

Here’s a roundup of this week’s headlines from the data center and hosting industry:

Digital Realty and IBM expand in Paris.  Digital Realty Trust (DLR) announced that they have extended their international relationship with IBM through the completion of a new Turn-Key Datacenter lease agreement, expanding IBM's data center footprint in Digital's suburban Paris facility. "When we need more space, or should we need to scale up our IT load, we know that in a Digital Realty Trust facility we have that option," said Mathieu Louvrier, Business Continuity and Recovery Services Director at IBM France. "Furthermore, they have provided us with energy-saving technologies which are helping reduce our environmental footprint, while reducing operational costs. Our partnership with Digital Realty Trust has proven invaluable, particularly in the French data centre market."

SGI announces new storage platform.  SGI announced the release of the SGI InfiiteStorage 16000, the next generation of high performance storage platforms aimed at mixed workload environments.  The new platform is optimized for both bandwidth and IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), providing a versatile platform for diverse workflows. The InfiniteStorage 16000 will perform at speeds up to 10 GB/second of read and write and up to one million IOPS, while managing up to 2.4 petabytes of storage, all in just two data center floor tiles. "As technical computing platforms have continued a dramatic increase in density and performance, the I/O requirements are also becoming increasingly randomized between throughput and high IOPS," said Natalya Yezhkova, research director, worldwide storage systems research at IDC. "With SGI InfiniteStorage 16000, SGI is offering customers the ability to accommodate the high end of both in a very flexible platform."

Juniper selected by Capital Fund Management. Juniper (JNPR) announced that Capital Fund Management (CFM), a Paris-based global financial investment management company, has deployed a 'new network' data center running the Junos operating system to optimize its global trading infrastructure. CFM has deployed Juniper MX Series Universal Edge Routers and EX Series Ethernet Switches with Virtual Chassis fabric technology running across a single network operating system.  "Low-latency to exchanges enhances the quality of our market data feeds, as well as the efficiency of our trading executions, as any undue delays cost us money," said Jacques Saulière, co-CEO, Capital Fund Management. "Our proof of concept tests showed that Juniper delivers new levels of performance and it also greatly simplifies network operations with a genuinely unified operating system running across our switching and routing fabric."

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