Rohati Debuts Data Center Security Appliance

Data center startup Rohati Systems Inc. has emerged from stealth mode with its first product.

Data center startup Rohati Systems Inc. has emerged from stealth mode with its first product, a hardware appliance for managing access to data center resources. Stacey from GigaOM provides additional details and analysis on Rohati and the niche it is targeting:

There are other ways to attack this problem, such as ensuring compliance for each one of hundreds of programs, but Rohati does it more efficiently, and according to CEO Shane Buckley, without adding a lot of lag time. Since this type of compliance is a big deal in a post-Sarbanes-Oxley world, Rohati's appliance could find a place in the corporate data center, competing against the likes of Securent, Bayshore Networks and Jericho Systems.

Stacey notes that Rohati is approaching the challenge using hardware rather than software, as other players in this space have done.

Rohati raised $11 million in Series B funding from Matrix Partners and Foundation Capital last year. As part of its launch, the company has named Shane Buckley to be president and chief executive officer of the company, and a member of the board. Buckley was previously chief operating officer at Nevis Networks and vice president of worldwide enterprise operations for Juniper Networks.

Rohati's Transaction Networking System (TNS) platform is the culmination of ideas from the company's five founders, who bring more than 40 years of combined experience at Cisco Systems. Designed for deployment in the data center, close to applications and resources, the TNS platform provides entitlement control on a per-transaction basis across an enterprise's broad range of applications and resources.

"As companies open up their networks, data, and applications to customers, employees, and partners, they must be able to cost-effectively administer and enforce entitlement policies in line with business intent across any and all applications and users," said Shane Buckley, president and CEO of Rohati Systems. "Rohati is committed to product innovation that will continue to drive cost out of operating IT infrastructure and deliver the breadth of policy and control across a broad range of applications and resources to meet the rapidly changing needs of the business."