Friday Linkapalooza: Google Sites, NYSE

Friday links for weekend reading: Google Sites, NYSE-Wombat, Hosted Solutions and Marc Andreessen on server-less startups.

It's been another busy week, which we'll wrap up with some links that caught our attention:

  • Google Blogoscoped reports that Google (GOOG) may be close to launching Google Sites, a joining of Google Page Creator with wiki technology it acquired in the JotSpot deal. Sites is expected to provide Google Apps with a more robust site-building capability.
  • NYSE Euronext will pay $200 million in cash to acquire Wombat Financial Software, a leader in low-latency trading. The deal "moves NYSE Euronext more deeply into the market data business and could allow it to marry low-latency market data with its transaction services business," according to Wall Street & Technology.
  • Equinix also boosted its low latency trading business by adding Equinix Financial eXchange communities in London and Paris. Participants benefit from direct cross-connects to financial hub resources including traditional exchanges, market data vendors, trading platforms and clearing and settlement providers (link via Paolo Gorgo).
  • Browser pioneer Marc Andreessen says we can expect more server-less startups. "More and more start-ups are basically launching with the assumption that they are going to be purely virtual," he said. "They have a bunch of laptops to be able to get on the web, and that is all they are doing."
  • On Tuesday Hosted Solutions held an open house for its newly-expanded data center in Raleigh, which made a favorable impression on local press.