Rackable Selling Portable Data Center

Rackable has introduced Concerto, a portable data center to compete with Sun's Project Blackbox.

Rackable Systems, Inc. (RACK) this week announced the first sale of its new Concentro portable data center product to "one of the world's leading Internet companies." Concentro is a data center housed in a 40-foot by 8-foot shipping container, and can support high-density installations of up to 9,600 processing cores. Rackable, which specializes in high-density rackmount servers, is positioning Concerto as a solution for enterprises who need to expand their data centers, add disaster recovery, or "completely replace new brick-and-mortar data center construction." The new product from Rackable will mean competition for Sun's Project Blackbox in the market for portable data centers.

"The need to reduce energy consumption and rethink space requirements is changing the look and feel of IT environments," said Giovanni Coglitore, founder and chief technology officer of Rackable Systems. "We applied Rackable Systems' proven experience in cabinet, server and power infrastructure to directly address the needs of space-constrained data centers. Concentro is the perfect building block for the energy efficient, eco-friendly data center of the future."

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