Startup FastScale Raises $6.5M

Stealth-mode data center management startup FastScale has raised $6.5 million in first-round venture capital funding.

FastScale, a Sunnyvale, Calif. startup promising "breakthrough innovations for scalable web farms and data centers," has raised $6.5 million in first-round venture capital funding from ATA, Leapfrog and Hunt Ventures, according to VentureBeat. FastScale is currently in stealth mode, but says it will launch its first data center management product, called FastScale Composer, on April 16. Here's the company's description of itself:

FastScale is all about providing benefits of general purpose computing with the efficiencies of purpose built environments. Our patent-pending innovations will enable today's software environments to be deployed and managed with a level of simplicity, scalability, flexibility and security that have the potential to change the software industry as we know it.

FastScale is advertising jobs for software engineers, database application engineers, QA engineers and a marketing communications manager.