A Cavalcade of Generators

Reliable power is mission critical to the data center. And the generator is the last line of defense against disaster. When the grid goes down, data center managers rely on diesel generators to keep the power on. The below videos show some of the massive generators that keep those servers humming.

VISI Installs 2.25MW Generator in Downtown St. Paul

This video documents the installation of a 2.5MW generator into the basement of VISI's  St. Paul Data Center. Watch the awesome crane work as the generator is maneuvered above the skyway and down into the sub-basement. This video is about 3 minutes.

Data Cave Installs a 2 MW Generator

Data Cave is a 84,000-square-foot data center being built in Columbus, Indiana. With regular updates and photos showing phases of construction, the Data Cave team has chronicled the construction process on the company blog. The video above shows the arrival of a new 2 megawatt generator, detailing the delivery and installation of the 3,000-gallon diesel fuel tank and the 60,000-pound generator. This video runs about 6 minutes.

Performance Testing of Generators Needed Regularly

Testing multiple generators at a data center by OVH, the huge French hosting provider. This video was taped in April 2009, and runs just under 2 minutes. Stay with it to see the smoke!

Cat Generator Sets: Providing Reliable Power (Chile & Argentina)

Caterpillar generators provide the power needed to protect valuable data at a data center and ensuring the reliability of a large telecommunications company in South America. This Caterpiller produced video has a run-time of 3:15.

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