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Video: Glasshouse - 'Cloud' is No Longer Sufficient

Ken Copas, director of cloud practice at Glasshouse, talks about how cloud is not a "one size fits all" proposition. He describes how his firm works with clients to assist them in managing and operating multi-cloud environments.

At the Gartner Data Center Conference, we sat down with Glasshouse's director of cloud practice, Ken Copas. He said that the term "cloud" is no longer adequate to explain the variety ways enterprises can use cloud services to meet their needs. There are multiple ways to use cloud to meet an organization's needs. Glasshouse is a consulting practice so they are agnostic about technology, and help facilitate clients' collaboration and planning around data center consolidation, migration and move to leveraging cloud services. Also, Glasshouse assists clients in addressing "server sprawl" by working with them on implementing a cloud orchestration tool on top of their existing virtualized environment. Video runs 5 minutes.

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