Google Summit: Industry Panel on Best Practices

Video of a panel presentation from Google's 2011 Data Centre Efficiency Summit, where industry leaders including Google, Telecity and Ark Continuity shared innovative and unique design choices and best practices that increase efficiencies in their data centers.

Google's 2011 Data Centre Efficiency Summit brought together leaders in the data center industry throughout the U.S. and Europe. In this panel presentation, moderated by James Hamilton of Amazon Web Services, the following individuals shared best practices and unique design choices: Chris Malone from Google, Rob Coupland of Telecity Group, Ian Bitterlin from Ark Continuity Ltd. and Brian Waddell of Norman Disney & Young. This 42-minute video was recorded at the 2011 Data Centre Efficiency Summit held May 24 in Z├╝rich, Switzerland.

For more on energy efficiency, see our Green Data Centers Channel. For additional video, check out our Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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