Video Tour: Savvis Data Center in Slough

A virtual tour of Savvis' Slough UK data center, which is located about 22 miles west of London, shows the facility and its power and cooling systems.

Mike Bennet, VP of Operations for Savvis EMEA, narrates a virtual tour of Savvis' Slough UK data center. (Slough is located in Southeast England about 22 miles west of London.) Bennet says the site was selected because it met requirements of available power and connectivity and it passed muster based on an independent survey of 75 other buildings in Southeast England. The first stage of the Slough facility opened in 2008, with a £20 million expansion that was scheduled to be complete before the end of 2010, increasing the total floor space to 43,000 square feet. Bennet describes the process of retrofitting the existing warehouse and the power and cooling systems.

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