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VMworld 2010 Roundup

As VMworld opens, VMware (VMW) outlines its vision for the next decade in IT and products to help businesses and governments move toward an "IT as a Service" model.

With the slogan "virtual roads, actual clouds", VMware's annual U.S. conference, VMworld 2010 takes place this week in San Francisco.  More than 170 breakout sessions, 30 lab topics, networking events and more than 200 exhibitors will pack the four day event.

VMware (VMW) outlined its vision for the next decade in IT, along with new products to help businesses and governments move beyond "IT as a Cost Center" to a more business-centric "IT as a Service" model.

"A shift to a services-based relationship and much faster response to demand are two reasons why virtualization fundamentally affects more than IT," said Gartner analyst Thomas Bittman, "Cloud computing is more than an infrastructure change, it is a change in the relationship between IT and the business. The decoupling created by virtualization, combined with defined service offerings and automation, is a great enabler of cloud computing."

For cloud infrastructure VMware's new model will enable IT to produce services in a self-service model. For the cloud platform, VMware says it will empower the new generation of applications to take advantage of virtualized and cloud infrastructure. Applications built on their new model will be portable across heterogeneous cloud environments.

A number of VMware partners and vendors had press announcements Monday in conjunction with the conference:

  • Force 10 and TBD integrated solution.  Force 10 Networks announced that it has teamed with solutions partner TBD Networks to showcase leading-edge network automation technologies for the dynamic data center.  The two companies demonstrate vMotion orchestration software that communicates with the hypervisor and the network switch both migrate the virtual machine as well as provision the VLAN prior to migration.
  • Riverbed solutions for virtualized environments showcased. Riverbed (RVBD) announced its participation in the annual VMworld 2010 conference through demonstration of enabling technologies for private cloud infrastructures and consolidated branch offices.  The showcase in their booth at the conference shows how enterprises are using wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions in conjunction with VMware solutions to enable consolidation of IT resources to private clouds and within the branch office.
  • Emulex simplifies connectivity management. Emulex (ELX) announced the introduction of its new OneCommand Manager plug-in (OCM-VCp) for Vmware vCenter Server.  The new plug-in aggregates monitoring, management, updating and running diagnostics on Emulex adapters directly from VMware vCenter Server.  "The simplification of management tasks is imperative to reducing operational expenses and helps enable greater resource utilization within the data center," said Parag Patel, vice president, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware. "Emulex's OneCommand Manager plug-in for VMware vCenter Server provides customers a simplified management solution that helps customers provide IT as a Service."
  • Isilon showcases customer success stories. Isilon (ISLN) announced that the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Strong Hold Data, USA.NET and Webtrends will give presentations in Isilon's booth at VMworld 2010.  All case studies show how organizations benefited from VMware and Isilon scale-out storage solutions.
  • Hitachi showcases storage solutions. Long time VMware technology partner Hitachi Data Systems will showcase a portfolio of solutions at their booth this year.  On display will be VAAI integration  on a Blade Symphony and AMS 2300, which they announced last July, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning and Tiered Storage Manager, as well as integration of Hitachi NAS with VMware vSphere and vCenter with their storage replication adapter (SRA) for VMware SRM and their VSS support.
  • Avere FXT achieves Ready Status.  Demand driven storage company Avere announced that its FXT 2700 has passed a detailed evaluation and testing process managed by VMware and is now listed on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List.  "By using the FXT 2700 within VMware environments enterprises can easily supercharge performance by adding a cost-effective, scalable SSD layer to an existing virtual NAS infrastructure," said Ron Bianchini, co-founder and CEO of Avere Systems.

We'll have continuing coverage as the VMworld event progresses this week.

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