As Manos Exits, A Blog for the Road

Michael Manos takes a look back at his work heading the data center operations team at Microsoft (MSFT) as he prepares for the transition to his new post at Digital Realty Trust (DLR).

As Michael Manos makes the transition from Microsoft to his new post at Digital Realty Trust, he has posted a blog item at Loose Bolts in which he takes a look back at his work heading the data center operations team at Microsoft. An excerpt:

I am extremely proud of our team’s accomplishments. We have overcome obstacles, we have changed mindsets both internal and external, we have impacted the industry as a whole, and I believe we have been more successful than we dared ourselves to believe. Whether it was our early adoption of energy efficiency and water conservancy, our rabid dedication to measurement and monitoring, the tooling and automation developed to drive our environments further, or the professional rigor brought to operations both in facilities and in the support of the IT equipment.  

Mike also shares an anecdote or two about the Quincy data center project. Read Loose Bolts for more.

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