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Update: Mediterranean Cable Cuts

Here's a roundup of updates about Friday's failure of three undersea cables in the Mediterranean and its impact on connectivity.

Here's some updates from around the web about Friday's failure of three undersea cables in the Mediterranean and its impact on connectivity:

  • France Telecom has deployed a robot submarine to scour the seabed 200 meters under the Mediterranean to locate the ends of undersea cables that were cut, according to an update from Network World
  • Egypt has been hardest hit by the cable failures, according to data from Renesys, while service in Saudi Arabia and India has also been disrupted.
  • Beher Esmat provides the view from Egypt in a post at CircleID. Esmat writes that the outages "can very likely occur again if (officials) continue to only search for the reason behind the cable cuts, and miss the opportunity of making Internet services more reliable in their respective countries. " 
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