[2N+1] Readies New Boston Data Center

A new company called [2N+1] is building a 45,000 square foot data center in Somerville, Mass.

Two veterans of the Boston-area data center community are building a new facility. Vincent Bono and Will Locandro have formed [2N+1] (yes, the brackets are part of the company name) to build a new 45,000 square foot data center in a fiber-rich neighborhood in Somerville, Mass., according to Xconomy. The new colocation center is across the street from a local utility NSTAR, which is providing 12 megawatts of power to support power density of 250 watts per square foot.

[2N+1] is described as "something of a boutique operation" targeting customers needing between 250 and 5,000 square feet of colocation space. "Those are the customers that are historically the least amount of trouble to work with," said Bono, who worked as a data center designer for HarvardNet and Boston Datacenters.. "Very large companies want you to offer all of these ancillary managed services that we don't want to get into. And very small customers want you to essentially be their IT team, and we don't want to do that, either." The new data center is scheduled to open for business next month.