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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Incentives!

Polo Ralph Lauren passes up $240,000 in incentives, and will build a data center in High Point, N.C. anyway.

Polo Ralph Lauren has selected High Point, North Carolina as the site of its new global data center, committing to the site without a potential economic incentive package from local officials. The company "re-evaluated the project and determined that no incentives were needed" according to local media reports. A package offering up to $240,000 in incentives had been under development, but a public hearing to discuss the proposal was cancelled when Polo Ralph Lauren announced its site location decision

What happened? One possibility is that the incentives came with conditions that were unacceptable to the company. One stipulation from local officials was that Polo Ralph Lauren would need to use a High Point address. The company's existing 1.2 million square foot facility is in High Point, but uses a Greensboro mailing address.

Given that the company had dropped strong hints that it would build the 12,000 square foot center in High Point, it could also be that the standard "we're considering other states" jawboning didn't strike sufficiant fear in the hearts of local lawmakers.