Uptime Symposium: More Views from the Expo Hall

The Uptime Symposium 2012 afforded the opportunity to demonstrate products and converse with customers and potential customers. Here's a look at more activity from the Expo Hall.

IO datacenters

A large video wall was used to demonstrate IO's data center management software, called IO.OS. (Photo: Colleen Miller)


LayerZero makes static transfer switches, power distribution units, and remote power panels for data centers. (Photo: Colleen Miller)

Emerson's ASCO

Emerson's ASCO line of business was visible with lots of gear on display. (Photo: Colleen Miller)


Mee Industries was on hand to demo its MeeFog, a high-pressure fog cooling system. (Photo: Colleen Miller)


Chipmakers AMD and SeaMicro were also at the event to meet with customers, emphasizing energy efficiency with high compute density.(Photo: Colleen Miller)