Uptime Symposium: Inside the Expo Hall

While a large portion of the Expo Hall at Uptime Symposium 2012 this week was dedicated to the "Modular Data Center Campus," the rest of the hall was filled with vendors displaying their goods and services for the data center industry.

HVAC Silent-Aire

Canadian firm Silent-Aire has been designing and manufacturing custom HVAC systems for the healthcare, industrial and data center markets for two decades. (Photo: Colleen Miller)


Raritan power strips were demonstrated to a Symposium delegate. (Photo: Colleen Miller)


Schneider Electric had security camera video from inside its modular power unit running on one display, and used another video wall to demonstrate its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. (Photo: Colleen Miller)


HP representatives were available to talk about the latest HP modular data center, called the EcoPod. (Photo: Colleen Miller)


Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI), which recently announced several product enhancements to its line of modular data centers and mission-critical power management equipment, was on hand to discuss power management with customers. (Photo: Colleen Miller)

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