RagingWire Ashburn: Focus on Work Environment

One area where RagingWire hopes to differentiate itself in the competitive Ashburn market is the company's approach to workspaces within the data center, which seek to provide a more welcoming environment for staff, admins and visitors than seen in many data centers. The hallways of the RagingWire facility are lined with original artwork, including some pieces created by RagingWire staffer Julie Bjorgum from recycled materials on the construction site. The data center also features abundant office space and conference rooms, as well as a colorful break area and dining space.

This wood-paneled conference room overlooks the data center floor on one side, and the network operations center on the other. It's one of a series of meeting rooms throughout the facility. (Photo: Rich Miller)

The employee break room provides a kitchen area, and continues the effort to inject some color into the workplace, as seen in the sporty lampshades. (Photo: Rich Miller)

At the rear of the break area is the unusual "trap door"entrance to a second room with couches and game systems where staff can unwind and work in a relaxed environment. (Photo: Rich Miller)

We end our tour where we began - with a look at some of the cabling work from the RagingWire team. (Photo: RagingWire)