Most Popular Data Center Videos

When we launched the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube in early 2008, the video content related to the data center industry was pretty sparse. A lot has changed in two years, with major technology companies and data center enthusiasts adding relevant new videos every day. We thought it would be interesting to look at the Internet infrastructure videos that have gone viral and attracted the largest audiences on YouTube. In coming days we'll look at supercomputing and cloud computing sectors. But today, we present the Most Popular Data Center Videos. Enjoy!

Shouting in the Data Center
Views: 648,000-plus

In a "don't try this at home" experiment, Brendan Gregg from Sun's Fishworks team makes an interesting discovery about inducing disk latency. Shouting into the server rack produced two spikes of unusually high disk I/O latency, immediately and easily seen on the monitoring software. He shows the effect of disk vibration on latency. This video runs two minutes.

Google Container Data Center Tour
Views: 583,000-plus

This is the video that first revealed Google's container-based data center, which was presented at the Google Efficient Data Centers Summit, hosted at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA on April 1, 2009. This video shows how Google configures 45 shipping containers that are home to more than 45,000 servers. It features shots of the free cooling through the water-side economizer, high-efficiency transformers that save power, and descriptions of how Google reduces chiller hours. For more information, see Google's green data center site.
This video runs about seven minutes.

Data Center Hot Tub - They Can Do That?
Views: 509,000-plus

This popular and funny video from HP shows how the use of their management software can lead to efficiencies and some strange bedfellows, such as a hot tub in the data center. Hilarious, but leaves one wondering why the IT managers take a hot tub in their golf shirts while drinking coffee? Two minute, professionally produced video from HP.

Google's Web Servers, Revealed
Views: 324,000-plus

This Data Center Knowledge video by Rich Miller is quite popular. It's long been known that Google builds its own web servers, enabling it to design the servers for peak performance and energy efficiency. At Google Data Center Energy Summit in 2009, the company put one of its custom servers on display. Our brief video shows the guts of the server, which features a power supply that integrates a battery, allowing it to function as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

For additional video, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.