More Scenes from 7x24 Exchange Conference

The 7x24 Exchange fall conference held this week in Phoenix offered the opportunity to hear from different voices and leaders in the industry as well as vendors to the data center industry. Also included were those who assist the industry in certifying products as energy efficient.

Energy Star

RJ Meyers, Data Center Products lead at the EPA's Energy Star program, shared about how IT and electrical products earn Energy Star labels. All Photos by Colleen Miller.

Stephen Fairfax, President of MTechnology.

Stephen Fairfax, of MTechnology, offered some counter-intuitive yet data-driven recommendations that could lead to increased reliability in the data center, such as being less aggressive on maintenance regimes and more attentive to generator tanks and fuel. (See 7X24: Generators Are Key to Reliability and Is Maintenance Making Your Data Center Less Reliable?)

Attendees took the opportunity to take a break in the Arizona sunshine.

W. Pitt Turner, director of The Uptime Institute, spoke about the global outlook for growth in the data center industry.


Mark Germagian and Matt Koukl, of Opengate Data Systems, innovators in power and cooling technologies, were on hand to talk to the conference participants about their products.

7X24 Exchange Conference

The conference afforded the opportunity to meet new people, network and learn about best practices.