Industry Leaders Network at Google Summit

The Data Center Efficiency Summit, hosted by Google, brought together diverse participants in the data center field from the University of Helsinki to industry-watchers such as Greenpeace International. The day provided a good deal of access to the industry's innovators and thought-leaders.


Zahl Limbulwala of BCS takes a moment and networks with attendees during one of the breaks. BCS works to educated and evaluate the results of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centers.


Googlers Chris Malone (center) and Urs Hoelzle (right) speaking with a conference delegate.

Jonathan Heiliger

Facebook VP of Technical Operations Jonathan Heiliger chats with an attendee during a break.

It was recently announced Facebook's infrastructure leader, Jonathan Heiliger, will be leaving his position at the social network. Facebook recently launched data center in Oregon that leverages several green technologies.

Audience Engagement

Data center staff and their management teams are often reluctant to share performance data. James Hamilton, who oversees Amazon Web Services' infrastructure, noted that the data from efficiency projects needs to be shared to help increase the comfort level of organizations with approaching these modifications to optimize operations. “The PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) 'arms race' becomes meaningless,” noted Rob Coupland of TeleCity. “You have to optimize throughout the lifecycle."


Peer-to-peer and informal sharing of information was one of the key points of the one-day summit.


The movie theater in Zurich afforded the crowd a huge viewing screen.


Questions from the audience were welcomed, as the event was structure with an interactive format.


Audiences were engaged in the presentations.


The reception was in a nearby restaurant within the complex in SihlCity, which was retrofitted from manufacturing to entertainment, dining and shopping functions.

Photos by Colleen Miller, Data Center Knowledge.