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Data Center World

Your Data Center World Roundup

Here are just some of the topics addressed at Data Center World this past week.

Here's a roundup of many of the educational sessions presented at Data Center World in Los Angeles the week of April 3-6:

Microsoft: OCP Forced Hardware Makers to Rethink Interoperability:  The industry went from interfacing strictly through standards devised by standard bodies to building interoperable components from the start. Read More

Automation: Not Just for DevOps: Automation is most closely associated with DevOps’ teams, but it can be applied to any number of functions in a traditional data center or cloud environment. Read More

Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Data Center: Which scenario is right for your company? Whatever makes the most sense for the business. Read More

Radware Discovers BrickerBot, a New Permanent DoS Botnet: New popular form of attack is designed to render the victim’s hardware useless. Read More

Moving to Hybrid Cloud: a Health Insurer’s Journey: How Concordia went from an outdated all-on-prem model to a modern hybrid environment. Read More

This Hacker Can Talk His Way inside a Data Center: The human factor in cybersecurity is every hacker’s favorite exploit. Read More

Three Reasons Network Security Policy Management is a Big Deal: Upwards of 95 percent of breaches can be prevented by better managing existing technologies. Read More

Equinix Exec: We Spent $17B on Data Centers, but Cloud Giants Spend Much More: Tens of billions in cloud infrastructure spending illustrates how real the shift to the cloud is. Read More

These Women Know Their Stuff: When girls enter junior high and high school, that's when they should be exposed to the possibility of working in the data center industry. Read More

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