Fixing Facilities Management and Increasing Data Center Efficiency

Fixing Facilities Management and Increasing Data Center Efficiency

Today, there are existing challenges which are slowing the data center growth process. These challenges revolve around both technology and people disconnects happening within the data center. Now, learn how people, process, and management can all be combined to create true data center efficiency and control.

Your data center now hosts a variety of different workloads, numerous remote users, and powerful multi-tenant architectures. This new kind of data center is the sort that is trying to keep up with market demands and stay ahead of the competition. In working with a number of data center administrators and managers, one big challenge is creating coherent facilities and infrastructure management environments.

One way around this obstacle is to partner with a number of different leading solutions. However, there are issues with this option as well. When you work with too many partners and vendors, “finger-pointing” can become a serious concern. It can cause a “disconnect” among people that can lead to slower issue resolution times and increases in downtime, waste, and overall management costs.

So, what's causing this disconnect? The short answer is a lack of centralization and standardization around critical management systems and functions.

However, a closer look will reveal a misalignment between the data center and the business it supports. In this white paper, we explore three pillars of CFM that help ensure this alignment: people, process, and centralized management.

The right alignment of these pillars allows management to be able to view all facilities functions in a “single pane of glass.” When you have this kind of centralized control, you begin to remove information silos, create new kinds of economies of scale, and achieve a lower price for a far higher standard of facilities control. Download this white paper today to learn more about the three pillars of CFM and how they can help you better align your data center to the business and how you can more effectively work with key partners and vendors.

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