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How to Unleash Oracle Performance with Flash Storage

How to Unleash Oracle Performance with Flash Storage

Learn to unleash the power of Oracle performance while using flash storage!

Your database infrastructure is absolutely critical to a variety of resources within your data center. Applications, data sets, virtual machines, and users rely on rapid storage to deliver their needed resources quickly.

When it comes to databases, having the right type of storage is absolutely key.  Enterprise organizations demand increasing performance for the business-critical applications running on Oracle databases, and need to consider flash storage systems to provide these performance improvements. With superior performance to hard disks, flash storage is proving its value in the enterprise.

In this whitepaper, we learn how Hitachi provides flash-based storage systems to deliver the performance of flash, while addressing some of the durability and reliability challenges that can be unique to flash storage. With a reliable flash storage platform from Hitachi, you can unleash the Oracle performance for your business-critical applications, delivering better service throughout the enterprise.

The company recently evaluated the Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM) all-flash array, and found that HUS VM provides superior performance for Oracle environments.  And because the HUS VM is built with the robust Hitachi enterprise storage technology, you get scalable, efficient, manageable and consistent high performance.

Download this paper today to learn how HUS VM all-flash array delivers consistent high performance across a wide range of real-world Oracle database configurations.

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries make increasing performance demands of Oracle environments. However, the current IO gap between server and storage performance has proven to be a formidable challenge to overcome. Businesses need high-performance Oracle storage environments to enable faster decision-making and maximize server utilization and data center efficiency.

Remember, as the gap between processor performance and storage performance continues to grow, enterprises need a storage solution that helps close the performance gap. They need a solution that enables high performance for business-critical applications to satisfy business demands.

In working with a Hitachi solution you’re better equipped to handle the requests of the modern business and align them with your IT capabilities.

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