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Rackspace Launches One-Stop Digital Services Practice

Rackspace has launched a dedicated practice to help companies and retailers with digital marketing workloads.

Cloud service provider Rackspace Hosting is launching a new practice focusing on digital marketing infrastructure needs. The service reflects the growing role of chief marketing officers in corporate infrastructure decisions.

“We’ve created a dedicated team with project management, sales, and more,” said Gerardo Dada, Product Marketing Leader, Rackspace. “This is a discrete team that takes advantage of the entire Rackspace portfolio.”

By working hand-in-hand with software platforms and system integrators to ensure successful projects, the new service suite aims to ease the burden of digital marketers needing specialized technical expertise and advice to support digital marketing efforts.

Rackspace Digital provides customers with best practices, architecture guidance and support in the following competencies:

  • Web content management systems – Provides application and infrastructure hosting expertise for leading WCMS platforms, empowering users to deliver consistent, responsive, and reliable online experiences to customers. This includes WordPress, Drupal, SiteCore, Adobe and Ektron.
  • E-commerce solutions – Using open, hybrid cloud infrastructure and services for building secure, scalable and highly available e-commerce stores for extending, enhancing and increasing online revenue via Magento, Oracle Commerce, Hybris or Intershop.
  • Mobile services – Delivers flexible, mobile infrastructure and application platform hosting expertise to empower users to develop highly scalable, reliable mobile services for customers using Node.js, FeedHenry and MutualMobile.

Rackspace Digital helps companies and online retailers more effectively engage with customers via a website, portal/extranet, mobile app or online store. The service aims to ease the burden of digital marketers needing specialized technical expertise and advice to support digital marketing efforts.

Chief Marketing Officer Driving More Web Decisions

“The CMO is going to spend more money on technology on the next few years,” said Dada. “It’s important to note that the CMO’s role is changing. We’ve seen one case where the CIO is reporting into the CMO. With Rackspace Digital, we want it to make it easy as possible for the CMO. It’s a reflection of the market of what we’re seeing, marketing teams are being held responsible more than IT. In many cases, IT still plays a role. Those decisions are moving faster to the business side, to the marketing executive.”

Rackspace Digital’s dedicated agency team will emphasize providing support for web content management systems (WCMS), e-commerce solutions and mobile services, while offering expert advice based on years of working with demanding workloads for the world’s top digital agencies.

“Many hosting companies don’t specialize around specific workloads or applications, leaving them with more general solutions which limit the value to specific customers or companies,” said Kyle Metcalf, senior manager of digital channel sales, Rackspace. “The depth of our experience with these types of workloads, coupled with our Fanatical Support will enable us to become the default choice for hosting applications that build a brand's digital presence.”

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