Best of the Data Center Blogs for June 10th

This week, notable posts from Jan Wiersma at Data Center Pulse, High Scalability, Schneider Electirc and Compass Points.

Here’s a roundup of some interesting items we came across this week in our reading of data center industry blogs for June 10th:

Where is the Rack Density Trend Going ? - Here's some interesting data in density from Jan Wiersma at Data Center Pulse: "So what is the trend in energy consumption on a rack basis ? Readers of my Dutch data center blog know I have been watching and trending energy development in the server and storage industry for a long time. To update my trend analysis I wanted to start with a consumption trend for the last 10 years."

The Large Print Giveth… - At the Compass Points blog, Chris Crosby wonders whether data center tax incentives can be trusted. "Pay attention to the atmosphere surrounding the negotiations surrounding your would be benefactor’s decision to entice you into their warm embrace. Read what the papers and blogs are saying. Does the majority of opinion feel that it is a good deal or is your new site being viewed by the masses with the same level of enthusiasm as if you were planning to erect a leper colony on Main Street? If your prospective reception leans toward the latter somebody is ultimately going to pay, and more likely than not, that’s going to be you."

The 10 Deadly Sins Against Scalability - At High Scalability, scalability maven Sean Hull "has come up Five More Things Deadly to Scalability that when added to his earlier 5 Things That are Toxic to Scalability, make for a numerologically satisfying 10 sins again scalability."

How a Modular Data Center May Lower Your Tax Bill - The Schneider Electric blog looks at how accounting issues may improve the economics of modular deployments. "In many cases, for accounting purposes companies can treat these modular systems as “business equipment,” rather than as part of the building in which the equipment is installed. This new classification is the direct result of scalable, modular and factory tested systems that require little or no field wiring other than the power connection." Schneider is offering an online class with details.