Best of the Data Center Blogs: Feb. 18

Best of the Blogs: Schneider Electric on outages and efficiency, Data Center Overlords look at network congestion, Chris Crosby mulls whether data centers have become ubiquitous, and Equinix on the changing face of media companies.

Here’s a roundup of some interesting items we came across this week in our reading of data center industry blogs.

How Energy Efficiency Efforts Can Spell Trouble When the Power Goes Out - From the Schneider Electric Power blog: "A number of important trends are helping companies save lots of money on electric bills by making their data centers more efficient. While this is certainly a worthy and justified endeavor, it does not come without risk – namely, the risk of trouble should the power go out. IT equipment is typically backed up by uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) which supply power until generators come on-line following the loss of utility power. Cooling system components, however, are not typically connected to a UPS; some may not even be connected to the backup generators. The result is the air temperature in the data center may rise quickly following a power failure."

Ethernet Congestion: Drop It or Pause It - At the Data Center Overlords, an entertaining post on networking: "Congestion happens. You try to put a 10 pound (soy-based vegan) ham in a 5 pound bag, it just ain’t gonna work. And in the topsy-turvey world of data center switches, what do we do to mitigate congestion?"

Have Data Centers Become Passe? - From Chris Crosby at CompassPoints: "When does the novelty wear off something? Certainly not if you’re the first to own the next big thing, whatever that thing may be. But how many other people have to own one before it’s no big deal anymore? ... Despite my lack of bona fides as a follower of conspicuous consumption, I will say that I think data centers have crossed over into the land of everyone has one of those."

Building the Next-Generation Media Enterprise - From the Equinix Interconnections blog: "Increasingly, media companies are using digital connections, with suppliers, vendors, services providers, digital platforms and distribution partners to innovate, collaborate and become more efficient. Internally, within organisations, cloud, SaaS and other offerings are transforming the workflows and internal operations of media enterprises."

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