The Foundation for Private Cloud Infrastructure

Migrating to a private cloud platform is driving end users to consider how they are going to build a new infrastructure, understand the business drivers and ensure that the right management tools. One option is selecting a unified approach.

The move to cloud computing may bring benefits to an organization. However, the migration to a private cloud platform may not be the easiest. Building a new infrastructure, understanding the business drivers and ensuring that the right management tools are in place are just a few of the necessary considerations. This is where using technologies revolving around unified methodology can really help. This white paper examines Cisco’s Unified Data Center platform and how it can help an organization move seamlessly into a private cloud model.

As more companies move towards a private cloud platform, it’s important to understand some of the underlying challenges. Cost constraints and technological complexities are just some of the considerations that an organization must look at. To simplify the process, Cisco’s Unified Data Center aims to create a platform of technologies all working harmoniously to deliver a powerful private cloud solution.

In Cisco Unified Data Center: The Foundation for Private Cloud Infrastructure, the topic of an efficient cloud model is examined and explained. Some of the topics covered which revolve around a unified cloud platform include:

  • Business Agility
  • IT Simplicity
  • Utilizing Cisco’s Unified Fabric technology
  • Deploying the Unified Computing System (UCS)
  • Using Unified Management

Private cloud computing can offer numerous different benefits and can help an organization grow their environment. Download this white paper to gain a better understanding of how private cloud technologies work and where the Cisco Unified Data Center platform can help.

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