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Nlyte Software to License Patented DCIM Technology, GE’s ecomagination UPS is Energy Star Certified, TELEHOUSE Partners With Stackpop Marketplace, Demand Increases for Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud.

Here's our review of noteworthy news links for the data center industry for September 27th:

Nlyte Software to License Patented DCIM Technology - Nlyte Software, a provider of software for data center infrastructure management (DCIM), has patented a means to intelligently locate assets within any data center and is liceinsing its patent to any vendor that is currently offering such a capability or is planning to do so within their own solutions. The Nlyte technology (U.S. Patent No. 7,765,286, issued in 2010 for “Method and Apparatus for Managing Assets within a Datacenter”) allows a comparison of one or more data center parameters to determine the most appropriate placement of assets.Nlyte has created a patent licensing program that allows developers of DCIM solutions to have access to this technology through a simple license agreement. “With this Patent Licensing program, we want to foster the success of the DCIM industry by enabling all users of any DCIM offering to enjoy the benefits of intelligent asset placement technology," said Doug Sabella, CEO of Nlyte Software. "Intelligent asset placement is essential to fully optimize the data center throughout its usable lifespan. It represents an important opportunity for us to demonstrate our vision and the leadership seen in our IP, while ensuring broad market availability of the DCIM intelligence described within our U.S. Patent.”

GE’s ecomagination UPS is Energy Star Certified - GE‘s ecomagination SG Series Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) with eBoostTM technology has received the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star certification. The certification includes the SG Series 300-750 kVA modules and is the first three-phase UPS in the industry to receive this recognition. The SG Series UPS provides reliable back-up power to mission critical facilities like data centers, hospitals and financial institutions. GE says its eBoost software increases UPS operating efficiency from 92-94 percent in double conversion mode, up to 99 percent in multi-mode operation, and improves data center overall efficiency as measured by PUE. The multi-mode UPS operating mode (generically called “eco mode”) is becoming a recognized trend in the data center industry.

TELEHOUSE Partners With Stackpop Marketplace - TELEHOUSE America has formed a strategic partnership with Stackpop, a software company that builds tools to simplify managing, sourcing and optimizing infrastructure,. With the new partnership, TELEHOUSE America has access to the Stackpop Marketplace, which features an array of business tools that help customers order and manage complex networks and infrastructure. The Stackpop Marketplace provides online pricing information and other details for TELEHOUSE’S domestic sites, including its newest data center in New York City, Telehouse New York Chelsea. It also allows buyers to research, configure and place orders directly with their ideal provider located across six continents, in more than forty countries and 450 data centers. Stackpop is the first business-to-business marketplace that connects service providers and buyers of Internet infrastructure through a transactional platform that provides real-time access to various resources.

Demand Increases for Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud - Phoenix NAP says that revenues for its multi-location cloud solution are up by 30 percent since the launch of its Amsterdam node, which occurred just one month ago. “Naturally, we are thrilled with these results and what they represent," said William Bell, general manager of cloud services for Phoenix NAP. "This is a real strong indicator of how our service is performing, both from a worldwide standpoint and within the European region specifically. Moreover, this latest increase reinforces the trend of steady growth we have seen since the initial launch of Secured Cloud.” In service for a little less than one year, Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud recently emerged from beta status as it launched its first European node location in Amsterdam to complement its initial node in Phoenix, AZ. Additionally, the multi-location cloud added a third node earlier this week located in Ashburn, Virginia.