Case Studies, Networking Abound at Google Summit

The Google Data Center Efficiency Summit 2011 held this week in Zurich included presentations on multiple use cases as well as fostering networking opportunities among speakers and participants.


Questions from the audience were welcomed at the Google Data Center Efficiency Summit in Zurich, which was designed to be interactive.

The Google Data Center Efficiency Summit held this week in Zurich included multiple case studies that detailed how companies are making their data center operations more efficient. Implementing basic and sometimes low-cost fixes can lead to reducing power usage and energy costs, speakers agreed. Strategies such as addressing cooling and airflow; simplifying hardware, gear and systems; and using innovative approaches such as utilizing well water for cooling were presented as individual case studies from different companies. The event also provided attendees with access to some of the industry's innovators and thought-leaders.

Check out our photo feature with photos of the speakers and summaries of some of the presentations.

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