What to Read at DCK: Week of Sept. 4th

Here’s a recap some of this week's top data center news: Greenpeace vs. Facebook (again) on energy sourcing, IBM supercomputer to play on Jeopardy!, update on federal data center consolidation.

Had a busy work week? For your weekend reading, here’s a recap some of the noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week:

  • Federal Consolidation Hits Key Transition Point - The Obama administration’s massive effort to consolidate the federal government’s 1,100 data centers hit a key transition point this week, when all agencies were required to submit final plans for how they will reduce their IT infrastructure.
  • Supercomputer ‘Watson’ Takes On Jeopardy! - In the television game show Jeopardy! – where the answers are phrased as questions – contestants are usually the flesh-and-blood kind. This fall, the show will give a silicon-and-metal challenger a chance to compete against humans.
  • Greenpeace, Facebook & the Media Megaphone - Greenpeace also knows how to take a complex issue – and data center energy sourcing certainly qualifies – and simplify it. But not always in a useful way.
  • 5,000 Data Center Articles in Our Archive - As the industry has grown, the pace of the news has picked up as well. In the first eight months of 2010, we’ve brought you more than 1,000 news stories about the data center industry.

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