Data Center Haiku Contest

Fun for a Friday afternoon: Inspired by Jonathan Schwartz' haiku resignation tweet, newScale has started a Data Center Haiku Contest.

Look what Jonathan Schwartz has wrought! By resigning on Twitter via a haiku tweet, the former Sun Microsystems president have focused fresh attention on haiku, the three-line Japanese poetry form. 

This has inspired the folks at newScale to start a Data Center Haiku Contest for those inspired to pan gems such as:

Be strong, blade server
Stay in your rack and burn hot
You are beautiful

The contest runs through Feb. 15, and you can submit via Twitter (@CarolDirig) or by emailing your entry to [email protected]. The winner receives a coffee mug emblazoned with their winning data center haiku.

UPDATE: Chuck Goolsbee has some wortwhile chiller haiku.

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