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New Site: Government Cloud Computing

Kevin Jackson has launched a new site focused on the use of cloud computing in the U.S. government.

In a blogosphere filled with many different takes on cloud computing coverage, Kevin Jackson of Cloud Musings has been notable for his focus on the implementation of cloud technologies in the U.S. government. Kevin announced today that he has launched the aptly named Government Cloud Computing site on the Ultizer publishing platform. "Over the last year during my personal exploration of this market space, I've noticed a great need for focused dialog," he writes. "As editor of Government Cloud Computing, my goal is to provide a platform for focused education and informed dialog."

Government adoption of cloud technologies is a hot topic, as indicated by these recent headlines here at DCK:

There's more to come in this niche, where security is paramount and systems integrators have played a very large role. Be sure to check out Kevin's new site.

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