Roundup: Cloud Computing Links

A roundup of cloud computing links: Tim Bray prompts a discussion of cloud lock-in, Salesforce sees price cuts in SaaS, and user data on cloud computing from IDC.

There's been some interesting posts and news items about cloud computing in recent days. Here's a roundup:

  • The current hot topic is cloud "lock-in." The discussion was started by Tim Bray of Sun, who said Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine are locking in users. "I’m simply not interested in any cloud offering at any level unless it offers zero barrier-to-exit," Tim wrote, prompting a response in the comments from Google's DeWitt Clinton. That in turn prompted a post from Dare Obasanjo at Microsoft. Discussion subsequently broke out at The Inquisitr, Bob Warfield and others.
  • Will the global economic crisis depress pricing of online cloud/SaaS services? thinks so.
  • Lydia Leong points to a series of blog posts by IDC summarizing the research firm's thoughts on cloud computing, including three posts about user data.
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