Roundup: New Data Center Projects

A roundup of new data center announcements from Perimeter Technology, Dartmouth University and Telehouse Europe.

There have been a number of new data center unveilings this week. Here's a roundup:

  • Perimeter Technology Center opened for business today at its new 23,000 square foot data center in Oklahoma City. This is  the third new facility for the company, but the first ground-up greenfield build.
  • Dartmouth College has opened a new data center in Lebanon, New Hampshire for the school's Computer Services Department. The new facility adds 80 terabutes of storage and is designed to prevent a power outage like the one that hit the Dartmouth data center in 2004.
  • Telehouse Europe has announced its third data center in France, a 15,000 square meter facility in Saint-Quentin-en Yveline.
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