Friday Links: Rooftop Data Center, VMware

Some interesting links on Harrod's' rooftop data center, rebuilding the infrastructure for New Orleans schools, and VMware in the data center.

Here are a few interesting data center links I've come across this week:

  • When Harrod's department store in London ran out of space in its basement data center, it decided to move the facility to the roof. has an interview with Harrods Ltd. Network Infrastructure & Security Manager John Dilkes about the challenges of a building a rooftop data center.
  • Network World updates efforts to rebuild the IT infrastructure for the New Orleans school system, 28 months after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Om Malik at GigaOm has an interview with Dr. Mendel Rosenblum, VMware's chief scientist as well as a co-founder of the virtualization specialist. Rosenblum shares how the industry "went down a rat hole on how we built the data centers," and the role of virtualization in addressing architecture challenges.