Data Center Boom Boosts Cleaning Firms

As the data center boom continues, companies that offer cleaning services for data centers are expanding their operations.

News from the "rising tide floats all boats" front: Data Clean Corporation, which provides cleaning services for data centers, is expanding its newest East coast regional office in Bristol, Va. "The East coast operation is one of several expansion initiatives, which also include offices in Europe and Asia" the company said.

The rebound in the data center market has been good news for specialist service providers that hunkered down during the lean years. Data Clean, which has been in business since 1979, is one a number of firms specializing in providing cleaning services for data centers. As more data centers reach capacity and new construction comes online, there will likely be more work for these companies. Processor magazine wrote about this market niche in April.

Data Clean offers environmental consulting including cooling analysis, airborne particle counts, hot spot remediation, and contamination source identification. Data Clean products such as access floor grommets, seismic bracing, contamination control mats, and floor pullers.