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Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier Red Hat
Paul Cormier, Red Hat's newly appointed CEO.

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: June 2020

Rogue VMs, an exclusive DCK interview with Red Hat's new CEO, Arm's accelerating ascent in the data center, the latest in liquid cooling, and more. Catch up here.

New Malware Hides Inside Rogue Virtual Machines - Security experts identify a new worrisome threat vector, but not all of them agree it has legs.

Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier Talks About IBM and His Vision for the Future - Paul Cormier recently sat down for a talk with Data Center Knowledge about how the company's relationship with its new owner, IBM, is working out and to reflect on where the company is going.

Ampere Computingampere altra arm chip.jpg

A Huge Week for Arm – in the Data Center Too - Ampere is bringing to market a 128-core Arm server chip, and Bamboo is ready to launch a server based on its own “PANDA” Arm architecture.

RIKEN Center for Computational Sciencesupercomputer fugaku.jpg

Arm-powered Fugaku, in Kobe, Japan, is the the world's fastest supercomputer as of June 2020, according to

The World’s 10 Fastest Supercomputers – in Pictures - The latest, 55th, edition of Top500 marks the first time an Arm-powered supercomputer is at the top of the list.

VMware Cloud Director Vulnerability Allows Data Center Takeovers - The vulnerability has been fixed with an upgrade, but unpatched systems risk the deletion of databases and virtual machines, or even having an attacker gain admin privileges.

Yevgeniy SverdlikA ZutaCore-cooled server on display at OCP Global Summit 2019

A ZutaCore-cooled server on display at OCP Global Summit 2019

Just Add Water: Augmenting Air-Cooled Data Centers with Liquid - Seeing hot chips in the pipeline, OCP hyperscalers want to standardize retrofitting air-cooled servers with plumbing.

Equinix to Buy 13 Bell Canada Data Centers for $750 Million - The colocation giant said the deal would add 500 net new customers, $105 million in annualized revenue.

HPE Unveils Ezmeral, Its Answer to Tanzu and OpenShift, but With Hardware - It’s a kind of instant hybrid cloud, a uniform, pay-as-you-go way to deploy Kubernetes anywhere.

Vantage Data CentersThe Etix campus in Offenbach, Germany, now part of the Vantage portfolio

The Etix campus in Offenbach, Germany, now part of the Vantage portfolio

US Data Center Operators Have Financing Advantages Over EU Counterparts - Using a financing method called "securitization," US-based data center operators have been able to raise more money to finance growth than their European counterparts, who primarily rely on traditional bank financing.

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