Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: March 2019

Catch up with the 10 biggest things we wrote about last Month:

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Red Hat corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina
Red Hat corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North CarolinaRed Hat

AWS, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat's New Registry to Act as Clearing House for Kubernetes Operators - Operators make life easier for Kubernetes users, but they're so popular that finding good ones is not easy. is an attempt to fix that.

Google Tackles Unpredictable Cloud Storage Costs with New Pricing Plan - Commit to spending $120,000 a year on its cloud storage, and Google won’t charge you if you go over (too much).

To Get to Six Data Centers Per Region, Facebook Rethinks Its Network (Again) - As machine learning and video drive the need to double compute capacity at its campuses, Facebook introduces a whole new intra-region network design.

Four Data Center Tech Startups Got Big-Money Love in March - Investors bet on power management, secure storage, Kubernetes-friendly data management, and novel switch silicon.

Can Alphabet Become the Next Big Cybersecurity Vendor? - Backstory, a nascent Alphabet cybersecurity unit’s first product, aims to protect enterprise infrastructure on-prem and in the cloud.

Microsoft Launches First Cloud Data Centers in South Africa - Even without local data centers, Microsoft has been the leading cloud provider in the country, according to analysts.

Virginia and Phoenix’s Stellar Growth Masks Weak Data Center Lease Demand Elsewhere - Recent report highlights low- and no-growth year in non-superstar US data center markets.

Facebook to Sell Bandwidth on Its New Inter-Data Center Fiber Routes - The company hopes to monetize unused bandwidth while improving broadband penetration in rural America.

For Nvidia, $7 Billion Is What It Takes to Dominate AI Hardware - Here’s why the huge Mellanox price tag Nvidia has agreed to is probably worth it

Bare-Metal Cloud Firmware Security Fail Isn’t Limited to IBM – by Far - "This is really a broader industry concern about the firmware layer being effectively ignored by almost everybody.”

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