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Data Center World 2022: Postcards From Austin

Gallery: Looking back at the data center event of the season.

At the end of March, the great and the good of the data center industry came together in Austin for education, networking, and a bit of barbecue, at Data Center World 2022.

Over four days and more than 70 sessions, the attendees discussed modular data centers, sustainability frameworks, the role of artificial intelligence in managing power and cooling, as well as social, political, cultural, and epidemiological factors that are set to affect how data centers are built, equipped, and operated.

The event’s photographers meticulously documented every aspect of the event in the Data Center World album on Flickr.

In this gallery, we have selected – in our subjective opinion – the 14 photographs that best capture the spirit of the show, and the feeling of what it’s like to be there. Let’s take a look.

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