How to Type the Multiplication Symbol (×)

Save time with these simple methods for typing the multiplication symbol (×) on a Windows PC, on a Mac, or on iOS and Android devices.

Henry Chapman, Contributor

January 9, 2024

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The number of ways to type the multiplication symbol (×) keep growing.* Read below to learn each convenient shortcut for typing this common math symbol, whether you’re using a Windows PC, a Mac, or an iOS or Android device.

*To make matters even easier, the asterisk (*) is a handy and mathematically acceptable alternative to the traditional four-fold cross.

How to Insert the Multiplication Symbol on a Windows PC

When typing on a Windows PC, click to the place in your document where you would like to insert the multiplication symbol. Next, hold the Alt key and, using your numeric keypad, type the numbers 0215.

If you plan on inserting the multiplication symbol multiple times in a Microsoft Word document, you might choose to set an AutoCorrect rule to automatically insert the symbol. First, copy the multiplication sign from this article: ×. Next, search under the Tools tab for AutoCorrect options. In the replace field, pick a word or phrase (such as “multiply”) and then paste the symbol in the with field. Finally, press add. 

How to Insert the Multiplication Symbol on a Mac

Find the multiplication symbol by going to your Mac’s Emoji and Symbols library. Either tap the Globe key or hold Control, Command, and Spacebar to open the Character Viewer. Next, enter “multiplication” into the search bar. Then double-click the multiplication symbol or highlight and drag the symbol into your document. 

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In a pinch, you can type an asterisk to indicate the multiplication operation. Simply hold down Shift and the number 8 to produce the symbol.

How to Insert the Multiplication Symbol on an iPhone or iPad

If you’re typing on an iPhone, the fastest way to insert the multiplication symbol is by searching for “multiplication” in your emoji keyboard. Then click on the image for the symbol that appears to include the symbol in your message or document.

You can also type the asterisk symbol by going to your keypad’s symbols section. The asterisk (*) can be found on the top row, third from the right.

How to Insert the Multiplication Symbol on an Android Phone

The simplest and easiest way to insert the multiplication symbol on an Android device is by copy and pasting the symbol from this article: ×.

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