How to Type the Lambda Symbol (λ)

Whether you’re using Microsoft Word, a Mac, or an iOS or Android device, inserting the lambda symbol is simple. Learn the different methods.

Henry Chapman, Contributor

September 20, 2023

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It doesn't matter if you spell it "lamda" or "lambda." No advanced computations are necessary to insert the lambda symbol (λ) into a Microsoft Word document, on a Mac, or on iOS and Android devices.

Learn each simple method below. 

How to Insert the Lambda Symbol in Microsoft Word

When using Microsoft Word on a PC, open your character map found in the start menu on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Search for “lamda” in the search bar. Then double-click the symbol and select copy. Next, go to the place in your document where you would like to insert the symbol, and click paste. 

The Advanced Symbols library in Microsoft Word is another place to find the lambda symbol. You can access the Advanced Symbols library under the Insert tab. Once you access the library, double-click the lambda symbol to include it in your document.

You can find the lamda symbol in the Advanced Symbols library in Microsoft Word.

Lamda Symbol

If you plan on using the lambda symbol multiple times in a Microsoft Word document, you can adjust your AutoCorrect options to automatically replace a word or phrase (such as “lambda”) with the symbol. 

How to Insert the Lambda Symbol on a Mac

On your Mac, go to the Emoji and Symbols library to find the lambda symbol. First, hold down the Control, Command, and Spacebar keys to open the character viewer. Then search for “lambda” or scroll to the section heading Math Symbols. Double-click the lambda symbol or highlight and drag the symbol into your document. 

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How to Insert the Lambda Symbol on a Mobile Device

Typing the lambda symbol is just as easy from the keyboard of an IOS or Android device.

On an iPhone, change your keyboard settings to include Greek. Under Settings, tap General, then Keyboards. From here, you can “Add New Keyboard.” Now you can open the application where you would like to type the lambda sign, which is the first letter from the right on the second row.

To type the lambda symbol on an Android device, download Gboard, the Google Keyboard. Open the application where you would like to type the lambda symbol. Then tap the numbers and symbols section to find the lambda sign. 

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