Top 10 Stories on Cloud Computing in 2022

Our most-read articles about cloud computing in 2022 explore hyperscaler service enhancements and how enterprises can better adopt cloud computing in a world of remote work.

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December 9, 2022

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It’s been a busy year for cloud computing — from news of possible acquisitions and hyperscaler moves to how the cloud can help enterprises improve security and operations. Delve into Data Center Knowledge’s 10 most-read stories about cloud computing in 2022 to find out the year’s hottest topics in the realm of cloud computing.

1. VMware Customers Could Bolt After Broadcom Acquisition

On May 26, Broadcom announced its planned $61 billion acquisition of VMware. In this news analysis, industry experts offer their take on what the sale would mean for the chipmaker as well as the virtualization pioneer and its customers.

2. Four Reasons Why AWS Could Lose Its Dominant Cloud Market Share

While AWS is one of the world’s leading cloud service providers, several factors could cause it to lose its competitive edge. This technical explainer walks through the threats to AWS’ dominance in the cloud computing market.

3. Microsoft Targets 5G Wireless Networks to Make Its Cloud Faster

Hyperscalers continuously find ways to improve their offerings. This article gives an overview of Microsoft’s partnership with the likes of AT&T to make next-generation 5G networks part of its Azure cloud for faster speeds.

4. Litmus Chaos Engineering Open Source Project Advances in CNCF

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has elevated the open-source Litmus project to incubation level. Learn more about how the cloud-native project uses the chaos engineering DevOps approach to help with fault detection and improve system reliability and resilience.

5. Buyer’s Guide to Kubernetes Management Solutions

With Kubernetes’ rising popularity comes the increase in the number of distributions, platforms, and solutions. This whitepaper guides you through the key capabilities to look out for when evaluating an enterprise Kubernetes solution.

6. The Pandemic Is Laying Waste to On-prem Data Centers

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work and hybrid work models, causing enterprises to consider closing their in-house data centers in favor of cloud computing. This article reveals interesting insights from network specialist Aryaka’s State of the WAN report.

7. Plugging Your Data Center Into the Cloud: Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect

With more companies thinking of complete cloud adoption, Data Center Knowledge contributor Bill Kleyman offers advice on connecting on-prem resources to public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

8. 5 Reasons Cloud Computing Is Key to Business Success

Still undecided on whether cloud computing is right for your business? This article lists the top five benefits that the cloud can bring to your company.

9. A Cloud Security Architect’s To-Do List

In this technical explainer, security architect Klaus Haller dives deep into the world of cloud security, discussing critical design areas, illustrating the cloud security architecture life cycle, and elaborating on cloud security requirements.

10. AWS Is Out to Kill Mainframes

Through its Mainframe Modernization managed service, AWS is making it easier for customers to migrate their legacy technology to its data centers. This article details how the cloud vendor plans to replace big iron with hyperscale servers.

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